Program Objectives and Student Outcomes

The Computer Science program at Missouri State University is accredited by ABET. As part of the accreditation process, we have defined a set of Program Objectives that we expect our graduates to be able to achieve within 3-5 years of graduation. In addition, we have defined a set of Student Outcomes that support the program educational objectives, and that our students should achieve by the time of graduation. student outcomes often spans multiple courses, where students learn progressively more advanced material until they have achieved the outcome.

The course profiles listed below provide basic information about each course including the catalog description and list of major topics covered. They also indicate which student outcomes each course contributes to, as well as performance indicators and benchmarks that are used to measure whether students are actually achieving those outcomes. We assess the performance data, analyze the results, and make changes as necessary in a process of [continuous improvement].

Note that these documents only address the student outcomes common to the program as a whole, and the corresponding performance indicators only represent a small fraction of the assessments used in the course. In most cases there is an accurate description of a performance indicator, so that students know what is expected of them, but the specific exam question, homework assignment, etc., is kept private.

Fall 2014 course profiles

CSC 130 The World of Computer Science

CSC 131 Computational Thinking

CSC 232 Data Structures

CSC 320 Computer Architecture

CSC 325 Algorithms

CSC 333 Languages and Machines

CSC 335 Database System Concepts

CSC 365 Internet Programming

CSC 450 Software Engineering

CSC 460 Operating Systems