Curriculum Changes Fall 2020 FAQs

I haven't taken CSC 344 and it is not offered in the fall. What do I do?

  • CSC 344 is being replaced by CSC 244 Computer Architecture (new course).

If I have not taken CSC 338, do I still need to take it if it required for my degree?

  • CSC 338 is being renumbered as CSC 538. If CSC 538 is not offered in the fall, we can substitute CSC 360 Operating Systems (new course).

Will the new CSC 360 course take the place of CSC 338 in my degree audit?

  • Yes

Why aren't CSC 244, CSC 360 and CSC 538 showing up on the fall schedule?

  • These courses are in the final stages of approval. They should soon be available for registration. We will send an email to all majors as soon as they are on the schedule.