Department of Computer Science

Preparation for an ever changing field

The computer science program at Missouri State, much like technology, is always changing and evolving. As a student in this department, you will be exposed to technology, techniques and faculty that will prepare you for real world application.

  • Using theories rooted in science and mathematics, you will be able to solve complex algorithms and create code.
  • While learning the most current trends and programs, you will also practice communication skills, which are imperative in dealing with colleagues and clients.
  • You will expand your mind with innovative problem solving techniques.
  • Faculty in the department are actively participating in research, giving you the chance to learn about many different aspects of computer science.

Using your creativity to solve problems

Creativity plays a large part in the computer science profession, especially in the popular fields of computer/video game design, mobile app development and computer forensics. Computer science at Missouri State offers you a traditional four-year undergraduate program with opportunities to experiment with the latest technology as you stretch your creativity. Minors in informatics and computer science give you the option to accompany your bachelor’s degree and increase your knowledge of theory and science.

The ethical use of computers is something the computer science department finds important. Courses in the department stress the importance of creating software systems in an ethical manner. For more information on computer ethics, view the University’s computer usage policy.

News and Events

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