Program Requirements

Degree requirements

Program of Study

The program for each candidate will be structured by the candidate's committee or advisor in consultation with the student, and must include at least 30 semester hours of graduate credit from courses numbered 600-799 inclusive.

Required courses
  1. CSC 701(1), CSC 702(2) (3 credit hours)
  2. All students must have either previously completed undergraduate courses equivalent to MSU CSC 325, CSC 335, and CSC 360, or as part of graduate coursework the respective graduate courses CSC 611, CSC 612, and CSC 660. A maximum of 6 credit hours among CSC 611, CSC 612, and CSC 660 may be applied to the MS degree. (If it is necessary to take all three courses, one of the courses will not be applied to the MS degree.) If any of the courses CSC 325, CSC 335, or CSC 360 have previously been taken as undergraduate courses, then their respective graduate equivalents may not be repeated for graduate credit.
Degree option

Complete 27 credit hours of additional courses, such that at least 12 credit hours are at the 700-level; no more than a total of 9 credit hours may be in CSC 796, CSC 798 and CSC 799.  Complete at least one of the following degree options.  (Note:  Up to 6 credit hours of coursework from other departments may be allowed in the degree program if approved by the Computer Science Dept.)

Thesis Option

Complete the program by writing a thesis.

Project Option

Complete the program by doing supervised research.

Course-only Option

Complete the program by taking qualified elective courses.