Student Opportunities and Services

Creating a well rounded experience

The computer science program offers its students the chance to experience many different opportunities that can help them network and supplement their education. Students are encouraged to get involved and combine their growing knowledge in computer science with one of the many opportunities available to them in the department. All opportunities are designed to build your resume, network with possible employers and explore career opportunities.


Explore computer science careers while networking and participating in an internship or supervised work experience at a corporation or in the community.

Collaborative programs

Computer science has teamed up with other academic departments to offer collaborative courses. A partnership with the art department features courses in computer/video game design. The informatics minor consists of a collaboration of courses between computer science and the biology department.

Competition opportunities

Battle it out in regional and international competitions against the best computer science students in the world and create software systems to solve real life problems within a deadline.

Student organization

The student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at Missouri State participates in both community and professional activities. Guest speakers of member interest visit and give presentations over their area of expertise. Social activities, such as recreational gaming, are also sponsored by the organization. ACM provides a way for students to network with possible employers and other students in the program. Visit the ACM organization website for more information on how to get involved with ACM.

Software resources

A couple of software resources available to students enrolled in computer science courses are: