Computer Science Department

A computer science undergraduatre class in Cheek Hall.

Code the future

Join a sector that’s on the front edge of technology, creativity and growth.

Computer science graduates have 100% job placement and high starting salaries.

Undergraduate programs

Computer science (CS) is the study of computers and computational systems.

Computer scientists create systems – from video games and phones to cars and airplanes  that are correct, reliable and efficient.

Computer science professor Dr. Hui Liu helps a student during an undergraduate class.
Use your creativity to solve problems. This major prepares you to work in computer/video game design, software development, computer forensics and many other arenas.

Enhance your degree with a certificate or minor

Tech savvy is valuable in any career field.


Two computer science students give a Powerpoint presentation during a software class.
Explore how programs and software are made.
Three computer science students seated in the front row of a class at their computer stations.
Learn to code and other computer science basics.
A scientist wearing a white lab coat looks at data on a computer monitor.
Discover how tiny bits of data can lead to big discoveries.

Graduate programs

Propel your career or pivot into new roles with practical skills and advanced knowledge.

Our master's programs can be completed in two years (four semesters) or less. Certificates give you specialized training in less time.

A computer science graduate student works on code at a computer station in a research lab on campus.
Be the architect of digital innovation.
A computer science student smiles at the camera while studying in a research lab on campus. Three computer monitors displaying data are seen in the background.
Craft a tailored science degree that reflects you.
Behind-the-head view of a computer science student looking at computer code.
Leverage new insights that yield better results.
An instructor provides guidance to a student during a computer coding workshop.
Learn the tools and tactics for making quality software.