Informatics Minor

Connecting technology and biology

Informatics is a cooperative program between the biology and computer science programs at Missouri State.

Applied mathematics, algorithms, processing, management and design are all considered elements of informatics. A strong interest in and knowledge of biology is recommended. If you are interested in medical research or possibly a career in the medical field, informatics would be a great minor for you.

A minimum of 23 hours is required to complete a Bachelor of Science minor in informatics. Students who are working on completing an informatics minor are able to participate in laboratory research by computing RNA and DNA sequencing. You will also create computerized models of complex atomic structures.


Bachelor of Science
  1. CSC 131(4), 232(4), 335(3), 587(3).
  2. MTH 261(5) or MTH 287(3); MTH 280(5) or MTH 288(3); BIO 550(3) or MTH 545(3).

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