MNAS Computer Science Emphasis

Why study natural and applied science with an emphasis in computer science?

  • The ability to pick more than one emphasis area allows you to create a degree program that is specific to your career interest.

  • This degree is a great resume builder and a great way to advance your career.

  • Computer science is challenging, yet it is a great addition to any master program of study.

  • Computer science provides a highly valuable skill set that can be used in many different areas of technology, science and mathematics.

  • Career possibilities are ever changing in computer science, and any area of interest you have can be related to growing employment needs.

Degree options

Computer science can be selected as a primary or secondary emphasis option for your master’s degree in natural and applied science.


Earn a MNAS Computer Science Emphasis degree through a more traditional route.


Take the fast track to obtaining an accelerated MNAS Computer Science Emphasis degree.