Project Option

Project Option, 30 hours total: 24 credit hours of elective courses, such that at least 12 credit hours are at the 700-level, and that a maximum of 9 credit hours are in CSC 796 and CSC 798 combined. (Note: Up to 6 credit hours of coursework from other departments may be allowed in these electives if approved by the Computer Science Dept.). 3 credit hours of CSC 798 Project

Comprehensive examination

A written comprehensive exam is required for students who do not complete a thesis. There are no credit hours associated with the exam.

The examination is taken after most of the course work has been completed, and is written and evaluated by the graduate faculty in Computer Science. The examination may include comprehensive questions in Computer Science and questions specific to the area of study chosen by the student.

Sample schedule

The following is a sample degree plan. Students should review the course rotation before scheduling classes.

Note: The sample degree plan below assumes a background equivalent to a computer science degree from an accredited university. Students who lack background in core areas of computer science may be required to take undergraduate courses before starting graduate study and may be required to take selected graduate courses as part of their degree plans.

First semester (fall)

Total hours10
CSC 701 Seminar I 1
CSC 665 Computer Networks 3
CSC 655 Software Quality Assurance and Project Management 3
CSC 742 Evolutionary Computing 3

Second semester (spring)

Total hours11
CSC 702 Seminar II 2
CSC 746 Human Computer Interaction 3
CSC 747 Multimedia Communications 3
CSC 765 Ubiquitous Computing and Internet of Things 3

Third semester (fall)

Total hours9
CSC 735 Data Analytics 3
CSC 745 Advanced Multimedia Programming 3
CSC 798 Research in Computer Science 1-4