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Computer Science is the study of programming, algorithms, and hardware. Computer scientists create systems that are correct, reliable, and efficient.

  • Computing is a broad and rapidly-changing field that connects to and draws from many disciplines, including mathematics, electrical engineering, psychology, statistics, fine arts, linguistics, and physical and life sciences.
  • Computer science students learn to integrate theory and practice, to recognize the importance of abstraction, and to appreciate the value of good engineering design.
  • Coursework must prepare students for lifelong learning and must include professional practice, such as communication skills, teamwork, and ethics. (from ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curricula 2013)

Software Development Option

In 2016 the Missouri State University Computer Science Department introduced a second degree option for a Computer Science major. Both degree options are Computer Science degrees. For more information see Software Development.

Comparison of the existing Computer Science option and the new Software Development option:


The existing and continuing

Computer Science option of the Computer Science degree

The new Software Development option of the Computer Science degree

The degree minor

A Math minor is contained within CS required courses. If you wish, add a second minor.

Choose any MSU minor from the dozens available. See the FAQs for link to list.

Math beyond pre-calculus level

Four courses. These courses complete your Math minor.

One course.


Accredited by ABET since 1989

Not accredited yet, but the curriculum meets guidelines and accreditation may be sought at the next cycle. See the FAQs for why we believe this does not affect your future.

Employer enthusiasm

With 80% of Spring 2015 graduates reporting, average salary is $55,600 with a high of $80,000.

Our Advisory Board, made up of MSU CSC grads in industry leadership, have told us that a Software Development option will be attractive to their companies. (There’s a shortage of Computer Science majors!)

Number of CS students at MSU

Fall 2015: about 300

Brand-new and unknown – but we expect the new Software Development CS option to be popular.

Career prospects



We have updated the curriculum of both CS options to the recommendations of CS educational policymakers, represented by the ACM and IEEE professional organizations.




Use your creativity to solve problems

Creativity plays a large part in the computer science profession, especially in the popular fields of computer/video game design, mobile app development and computer forensics.

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs


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