Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ajay K. Katangur

Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Computer Networks, Optical Networks, Mobile Computing

Dr. Mohammed Y. Belkhouche

Deep Learning and its Applications; Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition; Secure Machine Learning; Information Fusion; Computer Vision

Mukulika Ghosh

Robotics, Computational Geometry, Solid and Physics based Modeling, Algorithms.

Dr. Razib Iqbal

Dr. Razib Iqbal

Associate Professor
Computer Science Graduate Assistantship Director

Multimedia Systems and Communications, Digital Content Adaptation, Quality Software Engineering, and Internet of Things

Dr. Hui Liu

Wireless Ad-hoc, Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, and Bioinformatics

Dr. Siming Liu

Search, Optimization, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Games and Simulations.

Dr. Jamil M. Saquer

Data Mining, Formal Concept Analysis, Machine Learning, Computer Science Education, Graph Theory, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Graph Algorithms

Dr. Lloyd A. Smith

Dr. Lloyd A. Smith

Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science; MNAS Coordinator of Computer Science

Multimedia Digital Libraries, Speech-driven and Multimodal User Interfaces, Music Information Retrieval, Computer-aided Music Education, Pattern Recognition

Emily R. Sommers

Part-time Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program

Dr. Yang Wang

Digital Image Processing and Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Graphics, Algorithm Designs and Analysis, Multimedia Computing, Document Analysis, etc.

Dr. Ken R. Vollmar

Algorithms, FPGA Implementations, Special Integer Sequences