Competition Opportunities

University of Iowa Hackathon

April 17-18, 2021

Win great prizes and get swag. Completely virtual. All levels of experience welcome! Learn as you go. Bring friends, or find a team at the event.

Check it out and sign up at

Posted 2/22/2021


Battling it out at an international contest

International collegiate programming contest Battle of the Brains is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery and IBM. Battle of the Brains is a sequence of competitions at the local, regional and world level, made up of mostly undergraduate students, but graduate students are encouraged to participate.

Missouri State periodically hosts the regional competition and placed first in 2010. The regional competition features students from universities around the southwest Missouri region. At the world finals, teams are given real world problems with a limited amount of time to solve the problems. Visit the international collegiate programming contest website for more information about the contest, including sample problems.

Pummill Math Relays

High school students who are interested in computer science are encouraged to participate in a computer programming event during the Pummill Math Relays.