Participating in an internship or supervised work experience allows students to network with future employers. Internships on the local, national and international levels are available in the evolving field of computer science and most lead to employment after graduation. Recent internships completed by students in the program include O’Reilly Automotive, City Utilities, Sprint, Cerner, AT&T, Boeing, Texas Instruments and various government agencies. Visit the careers and outcomes page for more information about companies and organizations who have hired Missouri State computer science graduates.

Cooperative Education in Computer Science

CSC 399 is a course designed for students who are working on an internship or supervised work experience to receive academic credit. View the computer science co-op policy.

If you need assistance finding an internship opportunity, contact the Career Center at 417-836-5636.

Cracking down on local crime

The Springfield Police Department hires two interns each semester to gather data from computers seized in ongoing cases. Interns for the department learn forensics, interpret computer codes and generate information that can be useful in solving local cases involving criminal action. This is a great way to become involved in the community and participate in practices that extend beyond criminal actions, but also mishandlings in business. For more information about the Springfield Police Department internship, contact Dr. Kenneth Vollmar at 417-836-5789.