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A student listens to his teacher while working in a computer lab.

Unlock your future in technology

From software to data, you can develop solutions in a dynamic digital landscape.

Join a profession that will create a better tommorrow for tech users.

What do computer science majors study?

In computer science, you'll work with the physical components of computers, as well as internal software, programs and data.

You'll also learn programming languages (like Python and Javascript) to understand the front- and back-end functions of computer databases, websites and applications.

What are the benefits of a computer science major?

Study a relevant career field in today's world. A bachelor's degree in computer science can bring you many opportuntities.

  • Aquire a high-paying job: Open doors to a financially-secure future in an in-demand industry.
  • Have job security: There is a consistent need for computer science majors in our ever-evolving digital landscape. You'll find a job that will appreciate your tech expertise.
  • Gain a highly-sought skill-set: Just about every occupation uses computers. Your knowledge in computer science will extend your scope of professional opportunities.
  • Get workplace experience: Dive into your prospective career field and get hands-on training through internships.
  • Work in a range of disciplines: You can broaden your line of work into many different industries, including business, engineering, health/medicine, law enforcement and more.

Keith Paschal, a computer science instructor at MSU, teaches students in his CSC 130: World of Computer Science class.

"COmputer science is everywhere...It touches just about every aspect of our lives today."

Keith Paschal
Computer science student, per course faculty, Missouri State.

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Job market in computer science

Computer experts are highly essential in our technological world.

Your industry skills will give you greater job security and a compettive advantage in the workforce.

Career Path

Annual Median Pay

Job Growth (2019-2029)

Software Developer $110,140 22% (much faster than average)
Computer Systems Analyst $93,730 7% (faster than average)
Information Security Analyst $103,590 31% (much faster than average)
Database Administrator $98,860 10% (much faster than average)
Web Developer $77,200 8% (faster than average)

These projections are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Possible careers in computer science include:

  • Administrative careers in computer management
  • Computer/video game development
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer graphic design
  • Digital media
  • Education
  • Information technology
  • Mobile application development
  • Robotics engineering
  • Software development and programming
  • Web development

For more information about computer science career and employment opportunities, contact the Career Center.

Where do MSU graduates work?

Provided below is a list of companies that have hired graduates from the computer science program at Missouri State:


ADM - Archer Daniels Midland Company 



Anheuser-Busch Companies 


Arkansas Best Corporation 



Bass Pro Data Center 

Black Lantern Studios 

The Boeing Company 

Caterpillar, Inc 

Cerner Corporation 

City Utilities 

Federal Express

H.L. Yoh Company LLC 

HP Enterprise Services


Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. 


Koch Industries 


Missouri State University - Computer Services 


O'Reilly Auto Parts 

Paperwise, Inc. 


State Farm Insurance 

United Missouri Bank 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


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