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O'Reilly Internship Program - SP22

WHAT: O'Reilly Spring Internship 2022

WHEN: Starts February 7, 2022


$17/hour for 12-week training program (Intern Software Developer)

$19/hour after graduation (Junior Software Developer)

How do I apply?

Complete an Online Application

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What are the requirements?

* College Junior, Senior, or Graduate 
* Complete a web course (html/css/js)

* Complete a database course
* Train onsite at MSU

What is the training stack?

* JavaScript

* Java

* Database/SQL

* Spring MVC

* Spring Boot/Maven

Internships with SelectQuote - Overland Park, KS






Posted 10/19/2021

Internship with CloudPano

Contact: Clayton Rothschild

Email: clayton@cloudpano.com

Company name: CloudPano

Approximately how many hours per week would an intern work?: 15

Hourly Wage: $15

Share what types of tasks and/or projects an intern might assist with: Approx hours 10-25. Intern will be 1099.

Intern will have an opportunity to work on the development team of a fast-growing startup. Will work directly with the technical co-founder, who is on-site here in Springfield, and will also interface with resources in Eastern Europe, Phillipines, and Pakistan (and Texas).

Intern will build, document, and maintain the CloudPano API and will also have the opportunity to work on React front-end. Intern will be mentored and coached and given pre-existing patterns to follow to ensure success. Will have 1-on-1 technical and career coaching sessions and pair-programming with application architect. Intern can work from anywhere at anytime and will sometimes meet/work in-person at eFactory.

About the API: CloudPano exposes REST endpoints to its partners to allow for easy integration with CloudPano. So an example of the work to be done is: "As a CloudPano Partner, I need an endpoint that I can send a street address to. When I send the street address, the API should return a JSON object that contains the virtual tour for that street address. I will then need documentation on how to use this endpoint."

About Clayton Rothschild/CloudPano: Clayton Rothschild is co-founder and Chief Architect of CloudPano, a SaaS company that connects buyers and sellers through immersive 360° virtual tours. CloudPano transforms how homes are bought and sold, cars are test-driven, and vacation homes are marketed. CloudPano is an integration partner of Realtor.com and Dealer.com and boasted more than 22 million views in 2020. We are a team of 15 individuals, completely bootstrapped, and work around the world.

Share any special skills an ideal intern would possess:

Student should have a github profile or similar portfolio. It doesn't have to be anything large, but should at least show a couple school projects. Intern should have a collaborative and positive attitude. Familiar with node.js, Experience with javascript required. SQL, React, express.js, OAUTH skills is a plus.

If you have used Postman before to debug a REST endpoint, you likely have all the skills required to be successful!

Intern Preference: MSU Undergraduate Student; MSU Graduate Student

Preferred Area of Study or Focus: Comp Sci, MIS

Semester Interest: Fall; Spring; ASAP; Multiple; Flexible

Anyone interested reach out to Clayton directly.

Posted 11/2/2021

Front Porch Freelance Internship

Looking for website/software development intern to help build websites for clients and work on a farm to table e-commerce platform. The internship is designed as a freelance opportunity offering flexibility around a college schedule and a job.

Description and application: https://frontporchfreelance.com/software-and-website-development-internship/

Please email a resume with their application to Bridget Schumer at frontporchfreelance@gmail.com.

Posted 9/8/2021