Computer Science Option

A computer science student smiles for a photo as she performs research on her laptop and desktop computers.

A world of technology at your fingertips

Explore the technical aspects of software creation.

Develop software and analyze hardware to find innovative solutions.

Why take the computer science option?

  • Focus on the sciences – This accredited option gives you a close look at the algorithms, data structures and programming languages you will need in your field of study. You'll also learn the basics in other sciences, like biology, math and physics.
  • Launch a rewarding career path – Your education will give you a boost to secure a job in a variety of business and scientific profession. You'll have your choice of career avenues with competitive salaries.
  • Simulate real-world scenarios – Gain experience and apply your skills in an internship. Use your technical knowledge to find practical solutions in the real world.
  • Develop valuable life skills – Practice in computer science will fine-tune high demand skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity that can be used in everyday life.
A student listens to his teacher while working in a computer lab.
Careers and Outcomes
What can you do with a computer science degree? Discover the possibilities of your interests in today's job market.

Degree options

The computer science option within the computer science major can usually be completed in four years (or eight semesters).

Use the four-year plan as a guide for your overall schedule. Review the admission and program requirements for full details on completing your degree.