Software Development Option

The Software Development option of the Computer Science degree encourages a broader, multi-talented and multi-disciplinary degree outcome. Students choose any MSU minor as a complement to their CS studies.

The Software Development option can be completed in four years or eight semesters. This does not include dual enrollment or any transfer credit which you may have earned in high school or at other universities.

It is recommended that students in the computer science program do not finish all of their general education courses before beginning to take courses in computer science. Some computer science courses do require prerequisites in mathematics, so it is important to meet with an advisor in the program before you schedule for your first semester or as soon as you think you might be interested in the computer science program.

College preparatory exam scores in mathematics will determine if you will have to take additional courses in mathematics. Visit the mathematics section in the undergraduate catalog to determine your math placement.

Degree options

Want to take the software development option?

Use the four-year plan as a guide for your overall schedule. Review the program requirements for full details on completing your degree.

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