Is the Software Development option accredited by ABET? No. 

Will the Software Development option be well-regarded by employers? Our Advisory Board, made up of MSU CSC grads in industry leadership, have told us that a Software Development option will be attractive to their companies. (There’s a shortage of Computer Science majors!) The Software Development option is another form of the CSC degree. The printed degree will read “Computer Science.”

Is there a disadvantage to completing the Software Development option compared to the Computer Science option? Answers to this would be anecdotal: at least one person will hold every possible opinion.  We believe employers are most interested in demonstration of individual skills and motivation, and that completion of either the Software Development option or the Computer Science option is preferable to any other degree.

What is a good choice for a minor? Dozens of minors are available for you to make a personal choice. Minors vary in number of credit hours required. Although Cybersecurity is one of the minors many students choose, several other minors are available. See the list of minors at https://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/catalog/majorsminors.htm#Minors